Life Coaching is a designed alliance between coach and client where the coaching relationship continually gives all the power back to you, the client. We believe that you know the answers to every question or challenge you may have in your life, even if those answers appear to be obscured, concealed or hidden inside at the moment.

Benefits of Coaching

  • Gaining clarity about what you want.
  • Improving confidence. ...
  • Overcoming obstacles, fear, and insecurities will set you ahead of the pack. ...
  • Implementation. ...
  • Recognition of the possibilities for your life. ...
  • Creating a plan to reach your goals faster. ...
  • Someone to hold you accountable.

Areas covered include:

  • Confidence, Self-Worth & Self Esteem
  •  Loving Relationships That Work
  •  Career Change - Creating Workplaces That Work
  •  The Mastery of Balance – work life balance
  •  Getting Your Own Needs Met
  •  Living Your Purpose
  •  Hot Buttons - Managing Anger, Upsets, Frustration and Stress
  •  Managing Grief, Loss, Sadness and Change
  •  Parenting
  •  Food, Nutrition, & Optimal Health

To name but a few